Downloadable & Printable: Technical & Background Content

On this page, you will find links to specific, technical, background and other information for this winery and for vintages currently presented to market by Artisan Estate Vineyards for Barra of Mendocino. Such information may be presented in a "tech sheet" or other detailed "point of sale" document, each originally prepared by the respective winery with regard to the vintage set forth as the link title, below. For your ease of use and presentation, any such "tech sheet" is provided in .pdf format, ready for immediate download or printing.

For images, maps and narrative information regarding this and other outstanding wineries represented by AEV, please visit our Technical / Educational page. You may do so at any time by clicking HERE. Should you require additional information or commercial marketing or other support, please do not hesitate to contact AEV at (602) 281-0096 or to utilize the commercial support inquiry form set forth at the bottom left of our "About AEV" page.


Link to Winery Website

Please feel free to visit the winery's link, set forth immediately above, in the event you desire additional information. For commerical inquiries and sales support, please contact us at (602) 281-0096 or utilize the communication functionality set forth on our "About AEV" page. Thank you, in advance, for your inquiry.

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