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Watch this space, Payne on Wine, your email in-box (if you have opted to recieve our no-cost AEV Fine Wines e-periodical) and local media announcements for location, dates and other details of upcoming AEV events. Things should be in full swing as much of the central Arizona's population returns from cooler climes in the fall!

AEV News & Recent Developments

Wine Lover's Android "App" (FREE!) (September 5, 2011)

(mobile software application)

As a special service to AES website users, we present a quite useful software application for your Android handheld. This handy mobile app combines features that can help you manage your personal stock or wine cellar, keep track of how you rate and rank labels and particular vintages and share your opinions with other conneiseurs (and review the ratings assigned by others.)

What could be better? It is FREE! Just click on the link below (using your Android cell phone handset, Android tablet or other Android device) and install the software to your 'Droid! No cost to you for this handy app.


This "app" is delightful! The software provides much useful fnctionality with significant ease of use. Essentially, the program turns your cell phone into an on-call sophisticated wine journal, vintage ledger (to keep track of your wine reviews and bottles in your private collection or cellar), private information collectiom, retention and storage device, and high tech wireless wine information comminicator and encyclopedia. It can make a wonderful addition to the collection of Android applications resident on your handheld device or GoogleTV media system. While there is a further upgrade available for this sofware, it is likely that the free version will be more than sufficient for any both the most determined, gadget-loving conneisseur.

          Do you appreciate fine wines?

          Do you wish you had a journal of all your wine notes and ratings whenever you're out shopping for wine?

Now you can answer those questions in the affirmative *and* satisfy the desire at the same time, at no cost to you whatsoever. The software is free to download (link provided, below.) You can do many fun, interesting and useful things with this free software! For example, you can:

          Keep a log of your wine experiences the next time you have a glass at a restaurant,
          at a wine tasting or at home.

          Note your favorite pairings in this wine diary on your cellular telephone handset so you will not forget them.

          Read wine reviews and picks that others have shared among the greater wine-loving community.

           Add interesting wines you'd like to try to your private Wish List.

           Manage your collection by recording the quantity, vintage, drink by date, and location
       of bottles in your cellar.

NOTE:       Unfortunately, this handy application works only on Android-enabled devices
                   (sorry, iPhone and Microsoft Windows Smartphone users!)

Check out some more exciting features:

              Use the Bulk Bar Code Scanner option to enter your wines by quickly scanning the barcodes on your wine bottles with your phone's camera.
              Backup your wine info to the server. If you lose your phone or upgrade to a new phone, just restore your
               data to the new phone so you don't have to re-enter everything or lose your wine-related data!
              Use the built-in statistics tracker to monitor your wines with statistics. For example:

                        Total Number of Wines in Cellar;

                        Average Ratings;

                        Tracked by Varietal; and/or

                        Total Value of Wine Cellar.

    ** CLICK HERE **

This software may be helpful to any person who enjoys wine or whom endeavors to improve their palate. Now that tempuratures can be expected to begin to be on the wane in the desert, this "app" could be partcularly useful to those with private wine cellars or other substantial collections.

If it has been some time since the most recent review, analysis and audit of your collection, please contact Artisan Estate Vineyards. Dennis Payne, personally, is available to conduct wine cellar inspections, which should occur annually to ensure proper storage conditions, avoid spoilage, ensure appropriate rotation / consumption of inventory and prepare a collection-wide and vintage-specific valuation and important documentation for your insurance and other records.

Please contact AEV in the event that you desire to add a particular vintage, winery or varietal to your collection or if you are interested in making some of your existing inventory available to other collectors and high-end purchasors. AEV and Dennis Payne have long acted to facilitate and / or broker private sales of fine wines and spirits. The market awareness of AEV and Dennis Payne's signifncant personal experience, training and product expertise make AEV the intellogent choice for buyer's or seller's representative for private acquisitions or dispositions of fine wines and spirits.

If you are considering attending a fine wine auction or, perhaps, desire to list some of your personal inventory with an auction house (such as Sotheby's, etc.), Artisan Estate Vineyards, LLC may be of significant assistance with that process, as well. You may also recieve a noticably better value or markedly higher consideration (as would be applicable) and save time in your busy calendar that otherwise would be consumed - not to mention avoiding the process' many headaches and pitfalls. Accordingly, if you are in the market for, wish to sell or are considering the auction process with regard to the acquisition or disposition of fine wines or spirits, please contact AEV. Consutancy, agent and brokerage services provided by Artisan Estate Vineyards, LLC can greatly add value to your personal experience and financial outcome in any of the preceding scenarios. We stand ready to assist you as needed in that regard./

Thank you, again, for your patronage and for visiting the Artisan Estate Vineyard, LLC website. Please help yourself to the resources available herein. I hope that you will enjoy use of this new, free software. It is available for Android-operated cellular telephone handsets, Android tablets, GoogleTV and other devices running Google's Android Operating System!

It is our pleasure to be of service.

Artisan Estate Vineyards

Our new website may be found on the World Wide Web at Thank you for visiting!

Launch of Our New Website (June 17, 2011)

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website. We hope that the new site will enable communication and make it even easier than it already has been to reach AEV, to share your comments and to inquire about fine wines and other issues.

We also hope that the desert southwest fine wine community, as a whole, will find our website to be a useful resource and that those engaged in the distribution of fine wines also will be well-served by our new Internet presence. In that sprit, we make available the following downloadable documents (click on the links, below, to print the documents or to download them in .pdf format for later use):

Tasting Party Record Sheet     |     Cellar Vintage Map

Please do not hesitate to contact AEV if you have a comment or suggestion regarding our new website, whether positive or negative. We value your input and will endeavor to respond, as appropriate, as soon as practicable.

We went to the significant time, trouble and expense of developing our new website, not as a means of self-agrandizement, but in the sincere hope that those who share our appreciation of, and interest in, fine artisan-made wines created from estate-grown grapes would find it to be a useful resource and helpful tool."

Artisan Estate Vineyards

Our new website may be found on the World Wide Web at Thank you for visiting!

Industry Expert Joins Growing AEV Team (June 14, 2011)

Artisan Estate Vineyards is proud to announce that AEV is expanding and adding even greater depth to our substantial experience and human knowledgebase: Another classically trained fine wine expert, recognized in both in our community and in Europe for his expertise, has graciously accepted the offer of Artisan Estate Vineyards to join our organization. Please join us in welcoming John Paul Serna to the growing AEV family.

Look for John Paul as he begins interfacing with commercial distributors of fine wines in central Arizona, New Mexico (and, soon, Nevada.) He will utilize the typical seasonal business ebb during these periods of high tempurature in the desert southwest to ease his transition and enhance service offerings to distributors, restaurants, fine wine shops, wine bars, lounge, high-end grocery stores and other B2B and B2C vendors. Let him know your thoughts about the industry, AEV product, suggestions for increasing throughput of product promoted by AEV and any other relevant comments you may have. John Paul may be reached directly, for AEV business purposes, at (623) 271-5288 (direct). He will be pleased to be of assistance.

Please join me in welcoming our new team member. I believe he will be a significant asset to the AEV organization and helpful to our clientele and our suppliers. Please feel free to contact me, personally, about your experiences with him and our organization in general."

Artisan Estate Vineyards

Despite what often is seen as the summer "slow" period here in the desert southwest, we expect that the combination of two of the most knowledgable and experienced wine professionals in the region will stir up some excitement! To add to the anticipated industry impact and society highlights, AEV plans to commemorate the ongoing furthern augmentation of the ranks of its talent pool by -- you guessed it -- sponsoring, presenting fine wines and otherwise participating in even more fine wine-related events than the already high presence in our community, tastings and otherwise celebrating the good news.

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