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Artisan tradition means respect for intergenerational accumulation of expertise.

Wines bottled in artisan tradition are some of the most enjoyable fine wines available today. Even better, one can enjoy artisan wines knowing that only the best fruit is selected for use in creating the amazing taste and aroma. If you are fortunate enough to visit one of the artisan wineries we represent, please let them know that Dennis Payne - and the rest of us, here, at Artisan Estate Vineyards - sent you.

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Artisan Estate Vineyards selects from only the best, estate grown vintages.

Estate grown wines generally have more than a limited distribution, sometimes amounting to no more than 500 cases. While scarcity does not alone make a wine more enjoyable or sought after, the estate wineries represented by AEV limit their production wisely; just as we select among the best of the best artisan wineries and wines to represent, they, too, utilize the best grapes and methods.

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Celebrated vineyards producing outstanding fruit in the world's finest climates and soils.

Not only do the wineries represented by AEV hail from some of the worlds more reknowned growing areas for wine grapes, they pride themselves on the manner in which the grapes are grown. It is not enough to produce a tremendous vintage - it must be done in a manner that does not take more from the earth than it returns. Sustainable farming is the hallmark of estate produced artisan wines.