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Our Philosophy

I began my study of fine wines over 20 years ago after being exposed to the scintillating experience of some amazing wines during my university studies. That experience led me to expand my knowledge through personal study, followed by immersion in the field culmanating with graduate study in europe. After being made a fellow with the reknowned Wine Guild and receiveing my Master of Wine therefrom, I embarked on another quest: Sharing the joys of my fine wine experiences with others.

I can think of nothing more noble than to expand the circle of those who enjoy fine wine to include as many individuals as possible.

This journey led me to found my own company almost fifteen years ago. Thus, was established Artisan Estate Vineyards, LLC/. Over time, AEV grew to become the company it is today. The AEV philosophy is simple because it is the same as that which motivated me from the outset: Help as many people experience the delight of fine wine as possible. That is and has been our touchstone at AEV. We are proud to have that philosophy undergirding everything that we do.

Our Strength

The strength of Artisan Estate Vineyards is shared commitment of our people to our underlying philosophy. All of us here at AEV share the same goal - the expansion of the circle of those who can truly appreciate and understand fine wines, particularly those made in the artisan tradition. The strength in turn of the artisan tradition is the quality of the wines it outputs.

The artisan tradition celebrates the craftsmanship of the ages and results in masterful vintages.

Only through adherence to the most demanding traditions, careful stewardship of the land and use of the best quality ingredients can the best wines be bottled in the artisan tradition. Likewise, only through careful selection can AEV promote only the best of the best. We are resolved to present to market only these, the best wines. That is our strength. That is our commitment. We are Artisan Estate Vineyards, LLC and we are here to promote and expand the circle of those drinking the dinest artisan wines. Please join us; you are cordially invited to join us on our journey.



Special Message from Everyone at AEV:

Fine artisan wines can enhance a great meal and may otherwise add to a joyful life, but please: Drink responsibly. Never drink and drive; everyone loses with drinking and driving.